Lawyers Auckland | Our Quay Law Difference

“Unlocking your legal solutions®” with the Auckland lawyers, solicitors and property conveyancing specialists at Quay Law (pronounced Key Law)

Lawyers Auckland | Our Quay Law Difference

“Unlocking your legal solutions®” with the Auckland lawyers, solicitors and property conveyancing specialists at Quay Law (pronounced Key Law)

Our experience, practical and sensible approach to all New Zealand legal issues or problems ensures you receive the highest quality legal advice and service, whilst at all times achieving the very best result and value for money. We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable, with comfortable and relaxed offices centrally located, with easy on-street parking close to the main Remuera shopping area.

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Although our law firm continues to grow we have not lost our personal approach, and our Auckland lawyers, family trusts, estate administration,  immigration, mortgage refinance and conveyancing specialists are easily contactable by telephone, skype, fax and e-mail. Should you have a legal issue requiring urgent advice, we will endeavour to be as flexible and helpful as possible.  Our lawyers will always try to accommodate you with an urgent appointment. To talk with one of our Auckland lawyers and solicitors.

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    Auckland Lawyers for Conveyancing, Family Trusts, Wills and Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Immigration

    Property Law and Conveyancing

    Whether you are a first time home buyer, private investor or an experienced commercial developer, our expert conveyancers…


    We advise on a broad range of commercial legal matters and transactions to support our clients and their strategic business objectives.

    Asset Planning

    As Auckland lawyers, we assist our clients to structure their asset ownership and to put their affairs in order. The focus is to best give effect…


    Our Auckland lawyers are specialist lawyers who can assist clients in all aspects of non-contentious family law matters, at the start or the end of…


    Our Quay Law lawyers have a specialist trust focus and we regularly manage and administer trusts, including family, investment and trading…

    Estate Administration

    Our lawyers and Estate Administration team will assist you in a compassionate and professional way to carefully manage the estate of a…

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    We are Auckland lawyers, providing practical legal services, immigration consulting and conveyancing to a diverse range of client. For expert advice and reasonable fees, contact us now.

    Are you looking for the best Lawyers in Auckland?

    Are you searching for Lawyers Auckland?

    Our Auckland firm is a well-established, successful commercial, wills and estate administration, immigration and property (conveyancing) based in Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand.

    Why choose our firm? Our Auckland lawyers are dedicated to achieving the best outcome for you. Quay Law is a premier law firm with a strong marketplace reputation for delivering professional legal services to a diverse range of national and international clients. Our legal experience, integrity and expertise are such that we ensure each client receives superior confidential advice.

    All advice given is focused on our clients, understanding exactly what the situation is, and what actions are going to be needed.

    Our Auckland Legal Team, Wills and Estate Planning Specialists, Family Trust Lawyers, Immigration Consultants and Property Lawyers enjoy working with a diverse range of successful commercial and private clients.

    With our many years of experience, we have proven legal skills and offer comprehensive advice.  Our legal service and focus is on

    Conveyancing, Family Trusts, Estate Planning, Wills, Estate Administration, Taxation, Commercial, Property and Immigration Law.

    Our Remuera lawyers pride themselves on fostering a personable yet professional long lasting relationship that underpins the specialised New Zealand legal services we provide to you, in the timeframe you require.  But above all, our legal services are of a high quality, yet are pragmatic and affordable.

    At Quay Law, we understand that instructing a lawyer can be a daunting experience. With years of experience, we bring an open, transparent and fresh approach to New Zealand law. We are committed to understanding your legal needs and seek to become your trusted advisor.

    We are proud of our record of serving our clients and our lawyers look forward to working with you no matter what your legal requirements may be.

    Lawyers Auckland – Quay Law

    Your local lawyer in Auckland (New Zealand)

    Buying Real Estate in New Zealand requires the services of a lawyer registered with the New Zealand Law Society (NZLS) or a conveyancing specialist registered with the New Zealand Society of Conveyancers (NZSoC). Both a Conveyancing Lawyer (also called a Property Lawyer) and a conveyancer can help you with the sale and purchase of a property (residential or commercial) in New Zealand.

    What is the New Zealand Law Society? The Law Society currently has 13 branches across New Zealand. Not only does the Law Society promote ongoing professional development for all practitioners, but it is also a body that has the trust and influence to advocate for the rule of law.

    The role of a property lawyer is to understand NZ property law and to support you, their client, with the sale and purchase of your New Zealand property. They also assist clients with mortgage refinancing and mortgage settlement services.

    Often, such a real estate legal professional extends their services into the areas of Family Trusts, Asset Management, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Wills, and Estate Administration.

    So, what is property law? Property law in New Zealand governs various types of property ownership and tenancy for real estate, i.e., real property and personal property. It covers elements such as conveyancing, landlord and tenant law, mortgage law, and land law. In NZ, the Torrens system of land registration is one of the fundamental aspects. Using this system, the government guarantees the title of land. This process simplifies the buying and selling of property in NZ and, through this, offers certainty to property owners.

    Another significant area in property law is the Residential Tenancies Act. This legislation governs and regulates the relationship between tenants and landlords. This Act is comprehensive and complex, playing an important role in the country’s legal system.

    So, whether you are buying a home, renting an apartment, or managing a business’s intellectual property, understanding property law is important to protect your interests and navigate this legal procedure effectively. The team at Quay Law is here to help you with all your real estate needs. Our first tip to you when either buying or selling property in NZ is to ensure you have your Sale and Purchase Agreement reviewed by your chosen solicitor or property lawyer before signing.

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    Our Auckland lawyers are located in Remuera with great off street parking and easy access to the Southern Motor Way, Auckland City and Tamaki Drive.

    At Quay Law, we understand that your choice of lawyers is an important decision. Our Auckland legal team are committed to finding an appropriate solution that tailors the legal process to your personal or commercial requirements.

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