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Auckland Property and Conveyancing Lawyers for your next  Property Transaction or Unit Titles Act or Property Law enquiry.

Conveyancing Lawyers and Property Lawyers in Auckland City - Remuera

At Quay Law our property  and conveyancing lawyers understand that property refinancing and property transfer or conveyancing transactions are diverse and can range from the sale or purchase of a residential house or apartment to something more complex.  Property transactions may focus on any property market be it retail, office, industrial, retirement villages, residential or rural.

A sample of New Zealand conveyancing related products/services

  • Residential Sale or Purchase of property
  • Cross-Leasing
  • Leasehold to freehold conversion
  • Building Contracts and Agreements
  • Tenancy Matters (Landlord or Tenant)
  • Subdivisions
  • Refinancing
  • Title Matters
  • Property Sharing Agreements
  • Commercial Property Due Diligence
  • LAQC’s
  • Property Development
  • Taxation as it relates to this area
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Body Corporate / Unit Titles Act
  • Family Trusts and Asset Protection
  • Wills and Estate Planning

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Conveyancing is more than a straight forward buy-sell property transaction.  Consider the multiple parties involved.  There’s the seller and buyer’s lending institution (bank), insurers, Kiwisaver funds, real estate agents, local councils and authorities, tenants, body corporates, mortgage brokers and not to mentioned the most important parties, the property buyer and the seller.

Each of these parties involved during the property conveyancing process ( sale or purchase)  will all have their own role, responsibility and requirements during the sale and purchase transaction.

The Role of the Property and Conveyancing Lawyer

During the conveyancing transaction, it is the conveyancing lawyer’s role to ensure that each party’s concerns are addressed before the property transaction is completed.

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Our experienced legal team have expertise in the area of structuring property investments and are able to advise you as to appropriate structures for your commercial or private requirements.

So whether you are buying your first home or selling wanting to sell your family home or commercial property, our property lawyers and  Auckland conveyancers have extensive experience in New Zealand property law and we look forward to being of assistance to you.

To discuss your own property / conveyancing transaction, or for more information, please contact a solicitor at Quay Law Barrister and Solicitors in Remuera, New Zealand.

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Our legal tips are provided by the Remuera, Auckland property lawyers and conveyancing specialists at Quay Law (New Zealand).  These articles cover a range of legal topics and news worthy articles.

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        Why use a local conveyancing lawyer for your property purchase

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        We are lawyers in Auckland, who provide practical legal services and conveyancing to a diverse range of New Zealand and overseas client needs. Centrally located in Remuera, Auckland, we look forward to working with you.

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        Some common forms of property ownership in New Zealand are included below.

        This represents a form of freehold ownership and in essence represents absolute ownership of the property.  Still have questions?  Please connect with our conveyancing lawyers for a no obligation discussion.
        This is a form of property tenure where one party buys the right to occupy land or a building for a given length of time. Until the end of the lease period the leaseholder has the right to remain in occupation as an assured tenant paying an agreed rent to the owner.  If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to be in touch with our Auckland conveyancing lawyers.
        This is a hybrid form of multi-unit tenure in which each owner has an undivided share of the underlying freehold as tenants in common, and is granted a registered leasehold estate of the particular unit or flat occupied. Effectively the property owners share ownership of the land and each owner leases their building from the other owners, which together form the cross lease title.  If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to be in touch with our conveyancing lawyers.
        Under the Unit Titles Act 1972 the deposit of a unit plan has the effect of creating in each unit (usually multi-unit dwellings, shops, offices or industrial premises) a new kind of statutory estate called a stratum estate in freehold, or a stratum estate in leasehold, depending on whether the land which was subdivided into units was freehold or leasehold. Still have unanswered questions?  For a no obligation discussion, call a conveyancing lawyer.

        Our Auckland lawyers are able to provide you with a conveyancing fee quote and have assist many families with their loan | refinancing requirements.

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