Do you want to move to New Zealand? Then you need a licensed immigration advisor!2017-06-06T05:19:03+13:00

Do you want to move to New Zealand? Then you need a licensed immigration advisor!

Time and time again, New Zealand has proved to be an outstanding lifestyle destination. As a result, people from all over the world want to relocate to this peaceful and beautiful ‘land of the long white cloud’.

However, as a result of so many people wanting to come to this country, the New Zealand Government has had to enact strict immigration legislation to ensure the best outcome for the country and its economy. Not only is New Zealand’s immigration legislation complicated and constantly changing to meet the country’s needs, but there are also strict rules around who may provide New Zealand immigration advice to prospective migrants.

One of the reasons for this ruling is that the New Zealand Government believes that anyone who is thinking about migrating to this country has the right to receive clear, honest and complete information to help them make this important and life-changing decision.

For peace of mind, use a licensed immigration advisor

So, in order to protect people and ensure they receive the proper New Zealand immigration advice, the New Zealand Government set up the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) as a way to regulate who may provide advice about immigrating to New Zealand.

By law, any person anywhere in the world who gives you immigration advice about New Zealand must be licensed by the IAA, unless they’re one of a small number of people who are exempt from this licensing requirement. The law is very strict on this and there are significant penalties for people who provide New Zealand immigration advice without a licence.

Moving to a new country is a big decision and can incur significant financial cost and emotional stress. Therefore it is essential that anyone who is contemplating migrating to New Zealand makes very sure that they get good advice by only dealing directly with Immigration New Zealand or an Immigration Advisor licensed by the IAA, or someone, such as a lawyer, who is legally exempt from this licensing requirement.

Additional benefits of having a lawyer manage your immigration application

A lawyer is allowed to give New Zealand immigration advice without a licence as long as they hold a current practising certificate from the New Zealand Law Society. You can check your lawyer’s practising certificate in the New Zealand Law Society’s Register of Lawyers.

Having a lawyer to oversee your immigration application is handy because a lawyer can also represent you to Immigration New Zealand or to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal. Furthermore, a lawyer is the only person who can represent you if you wish to appeal an immigration decision in a New Zealand court.

Additional benefits of having a lawyer, manage your immigration application

Encouraging people to invest capital or their business expertise in New Zealand is one of the ways in which New Zealand immigration legislation aims to stimulate the country’s economic growth. Securing a New Zealand business visa can lead to obtaining permanent residence. So, if you have money to invest in New Zealand and the entrepreneurial skills to put your ideas into practice then a business visa might be the ideal way to secure your right to work and live in New Zealand.

As lawyers who are thoroughly versed in all aspects of New Zealand law, your immigration lawyers at Quay Law can also support you and your family with a wide range of other legal services, such as conveyancing for the purchase of your new home, managing the legal requirements for setting up your new business, helping you with your estate planning, including setting up family trusts and drafting wills, and a whole lot more.

Your Auckland immigration lawyer

The  NZ immigration lawyers at Quay Law understand how stressful it can be to migrate to a new country. We know that every person or family is unique. So we make it our goal to provide you with immigration advice that is specific to your unique circumstances, ensuring that you apply for the best possible immigration visa for your situation, so you can make your dream of moving to New Zealand a reality.

For more information about Quay Law’s full range of legal services, including our immigration service, please contact a solicitor and lawyer in Auckland today.

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